You Are Not Who You Think You Are

The view you have of yourself impacts every area of your life, especially your business.

What if I told you that what you believe to be true about yourself, isn’t actually true?

When you refer to yourself, it is like you are making observations about yourself and then just sharing the facts.

When someone asks you how the weather is today – you look out the window and say, ‘It’s raining.’

Similarly, when thinking about your business you might look to yourself and say, ‘I’m not very good at public speaking.’

To you, you’re just making an observation about yourself (just like you make an observation about the weather).

The problem is that you aren’t just making an observation – you are creating yourself.

Who you know yourself to be is a culmination of the current thoughts you have about yourself.Click To Tweet

‘I’m not very good at public speaking’ – is just a thought or opinion you have. It’s not the truth.

This is great to know, because if it is just a thought then you can do something about it. If it is a fact about you, then it is something you would need to overcome to be able to do it.

You could have the thought – ‘I’m really great at public speaking’ – instead.

As soon as I give you that thought, the first thing your brain will do is look to your past and tell you all the reasons why you’re not great at public speaking.

(If you are great at public speaking, take this and apply it to another area of your life.)

This is exactly how beliefs are created.

You have a thought that you think over and over again. You will also have gathered evidence that back up the thought you have.

When you have thought it enough times, and have enough evidence, you then think it is just a fact about you.

We think that who we are is separate to what we think. When, what is really going on is, we are creating who we are by what we think.

You can change any opinion or belief you have of yourself and it starts with being the observer of your thoughts.

You will need to be on the lookout for them, because these are thoughts that you’ve been thinking over and over again for so many years, they’ve become automatic for you.

Look at the thoughts you have about your business, and also observe the thoughts you have when taking actions in your business.

  • When you’re going to write an email, what thoughts are you having?
  • When you go to post on social media, what thoughts are you having?
  • When you’re not taking action on something, what thoughts are you having?

Write them all down, so you can look back over them.

Are they thoughts like:

  • Who am I to be trying to build a business?
  • I am too shy to do Facebook lives.
  • I don’t know enough people to make this work.
  • No-one will want to listen to me
  • What do I really have to offer?
  • I’m confused.

I only gave examples of thoughts that might be perceived as negative, as I can pretty much guarantee they are the types of thoughts you wrote down. It is so much easier to think of the negative thoughts than the positive ones we have about ourselves.

After you write them down, I want you to ask yourself if the thought is serving you or not.

Does having that thought support you in achieving the goals you want?

Watch out for this pitfall!

What can happen when we start to watch our thoughts is we become judgmental about the thoughts we are having. I’m sure you can get quite mean with yourself. Don’t do that. Putting judgement on top of this process is not helpful at all.

Your thoughts are just your thoughts – they don’t mean anything about you as a person.

Avoid calling them good thoughts or bad thoughts and positive or negative thoughts. Simply look at whether they serve you or not in creating what you want in life.

I’m sure it makes sense to you that you’re not going to be able to create the business you want, if you’re having thoughts contrary to what it is that you want to achieve.

It’s great to learn new information, but that alone isn’t going to get you the results you want in your business. You need to take action.  Your action this week is to write down your current thoughts about your business and decide if those thoughts are serving you or not. REMEMBER, no judgement.

In a follow up training I will teach you how to think (and believe) new thoughts about yourself and your business. I will even give you some new thoughts to think.

This is the training I talk about in the video.


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