YouTube Channels that Help You to Be a Better Blogger

Real SEO has put together a great post – showcasing '10 YouTube channels for Bloggers, by Bloggers'. 

All of these YouTube channels support people in growing their blogs.  

1. BlogSquad

10youtube channels for bloggers 04 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers

If you need blogging help, you can always turn to the BlogSquad. This Internet duo is made up of Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, two successful and experienced powerhouses in both the online and business worlds. They haven't been active on YouTube for awhile, so subscribing is useless. But this channel is full of videos they uploaded before activity stopped, and they are still relevant and interesting.

2. Ms. Ileane Speaks

10youtube channels for bloggers 02 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers

An expert on blogging, SEO and podcast creation, Ms. Ileane has been posting videos since 2009. She has several series currently uploaded, on topics like social media and Google Chrome extensions. You can also visit her website, BasicBlogTips.

3. SixFigureBlogger

10youtube channels for bloggers 03 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers

David Risley of Blog Marketing Academy has been in the game for awhile now. His blog became a full time job years ago, and he has since generated a six figure income that he says anyone can manage with the right tools and approach. His website critiques are especially informative and popular, so be sure to check them out.

These are the first 3, please click the link below to access the full post and read about the other video channels.

Source: 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers ©2012 ReelSEO

Know of any other great YouTube Channels? Please leave them in the comments below.

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